A Vague Idea of Reality

by Korean West Hill

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Mo and me(Leon) started working on this in summer of 2013 and now we finally finished it.It has a certain variation in sound


released August 29, 2014

Music by Korean West Hill(Leon Mannheim and Mo Ströer)
Mixing/Mastering by Mo
Words by Leon
Drums on Track 3 and 14 by Andi Kaufmann



all rights reserved


Korean West Hill Berlin, Germany

Leon 21 years old,Mo 21 years old..We love making music.We love listening to music.We love loving and love living.

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Track Name: Introtime
Time is without a doubt, the only real god.
It takes you there,than leaves you and wishes you just the best.
Track Name: Poly-Mono-Me
Did you ever wonder how it would be
with me and you
and the crew
and with you
A renegade of thoughts left behind as a witness
stayed what it was
within a million stars
A little bird came flying
starts singing to my ear
Just guess what kind of terrible things
I had to hear
It told me what it heart from you
I have to say I didn't have a clue
We stay close, opposed to where the wind goes
back to back and we're not coming
cause there's a lack of empathy
for being Poly-Mono-Me
And does it really matter
what I said to myself yesterday or the day before
You wouldn't wanna know it anyway
now it is too late and that's okay
nothing is so mad
I'm just glad I found myself
with you
Track Name: Mind the Mind
see what you feel
know who you are
you came so far
forgot the real me
I see you know it all
together we counted the stars
from the moon to the mars
See with the backside of your face
and you will see what you never wanted to embrace
then you will notice something different but with indifference
is how it all ends
Track Name: The Real Talk
she doesn't know why the rabbits dig their holes
why don't they sleep under the blue moon with the grass
tickling their ears
of course I as a wise man am so close from telling here
about the hawks
she doesn't know that the nature is a hungry creature
but its just instinct is trust
she doesn't care about the whereabouts of anything
she just thinks we could grab our hands and sing
she goes lalala
I go.that's right I'm not singing
usually you shouldn't be afraid of the truth what's the use of it
real fear takes a short way to grow but quiet a while to pass
a thin red line leads from the madness of the world to the bliss
of acceptance
step aside or move forward
Track Name: Distance from Afar
so you like to swallow the ashes from the sea
won't you stick around and come with me
as time goes by sand washes our feet
the wind whispers our names
ways are so short these days we remember us but forget the place
memories are there to be kept, not to be stored and classified
mechanically mad
and the sand grind our feed to dust
infects the flesh fish get the rest
as I walk past these endless wall build up by my emotions
I'm so close from lying down in the ocean
while others might try to expect
I try to let it be
missing a sensation that I
never ever had seems pretty confusing to me
so I observate(observe)
and get lost
Track Name: Girls with Muscles
I don't know what you have against
girls with muscles
they will fight like everyone else until the end
maybe they'll last a bit longer
I don't know what you have against
boys in dresses
they can look whenever they want
fabulously good,I wish I could
I don't know what you have against
empty vessels
you can fill them up with anything at all
it could be big or small and still al
I don't know what you have against
no matter what or where or when
I guess that's how the future ends
integrity is what we need
no matter what or where or when
and that's why we have to bend
the rules for reality integrity is what we need
I don't know what you have against me
please explain to me I guess I just can't see
Track Name: Interlude 2
Fixed to my only satisfaction
victimized independence is the logical reaction of course
Track Name: Elephant Man
the elephant man gives himself a hand
cause there's nothing that he can't do
everything on his own
nothing that he can't do all the time so alone
the elephant man hasn't a single friend
but everybody like to look at him,he's feared
he's scared but nobody wants a piece of him
elephant man I swear I did really everything I could
I swear I tried really everything I said I would
but it din't work out
the fallout came earlier
elephant man I wonder if you're really doing
everything you can, cause someday you have to
elephant man nothing now can show you how
to save yourself
it is you who has the strength to put your misery to an end
Track Name: Loveless Hesitation
Oh misses,misses my darling
oh this is me drifting through my in-betweens
oh misses my stupid little darling
this is me, always with you by all means.
oh misses what should I say what should I say
to make you feel the way I feel about you
cause you know, I think pretty much about you
oh misses how long will this go on like that
I mean I don't want to bother you or anything but actually
I'm pretty
so if you could help me out that would be very much appreciated
if you could help me out and not shout so loud cause my neighbor
might hear us and tell my wife
misses why would you do this to me,you leave me hanging around
all day and all night
why misses why
leave me,cause now that you pleased me I'll pay you to be free
free I'll bet that you could need some time to rest
it's not because of me it's for both of us the best
Track Name: Local Hero Meets Suicidal Girl
not the typical kind of last minute story
some tired looking guy steps out of his apartment
he runs into a woman her name is katy I guess
long red hair deep green eyes and a pretty face
she says it's okay waited for the crash all day
never mind good sir gotta keep on looking for one anyway
he can't believe his ears what's that I have to hear
girl you gotta be kidding me close your eyes and set your soul free
here's the thing that I'd like to tell you they're another ways
of getting through and maybe you won't understand this now
please give it time and let it flow
she isn't paying attention to a word that he's saying
that's what he's noticing now but there must be a way somehow
he grabs her by the shoulders people from across the street
start looking strange at them but keep on walking and pretend
that nothing's happening that nothing's wrong
but they're what's wrong with the whole situation
finally he let her go although her hope was running so low
live for yourself why should you bother for the others
well of course later that day they had to scrape her off the railway
Track Name: Keeper
you got the memories that I had to keep from you
and even though you want them endlessly back
I say relax
oh these are terrible pictures of that place
I swear it is just a phase I swear this place
is not my head instead it is waste land
our paths will never me different
from one that always changes
and you know what is the strangest fact about that?
it's consistency
please bare with me
and spare me
from your confusion
and your delusional thoughts
you resisted these keys of wisdom long enough
time to wake up and realize what a surprise
truth lies within yourself
and now I'm dead and that is so sad but now you know
that you can live without me
Track Name: Blood and Honor(Bonus Track)
white field black field one step ahead and one back for me
what is it you want to see?
for the kingdom or the crown and the queen of my heart
it will never fall, she will never go away
all the men to my feet,with their eyes wide open
on their mouth a bitter grin
ready for their last goodbye
breathing in the small of rotten flesh and sin
if justice lives it's blind and deaf
exactly what the leaders need
the hidden truth is on a killing spree
but where's the need if we can't be
enjoy the hanging of our black-blooded devil
you seem to have forgotten once again he's our friend
once again it's too late to comprehend
go wave your white flag at yourself
no turning back now,the artillery is spitting out
metal-hearted missiles that will melt your face away
maybe your souls may leave the battlefield but beneath
their winged ascend stays ever lasting sorrow
Track Name: Sad Child(Bonus Track)
Sad child
wipes its eyes and says
you won't make me smile
never again
sad child
won't behave nice
won't do things right
never again
My honey
wipes its eyes strokes back its hair
and the face smiles
funny how it all works out
when I stop to shout
Now the sad child shines bright it shines bright
won't hide won't hide it's pure delight
Mommy is so crafty and I'm such a fool
trying to keep a strict case
while I'm playing it cool.
I'm reasonable yes I am and you're not so please stop
before I forget myself
and you're innocent yes you are and I'm not
so here you go a brand new toy car
happy child steps on my gift and says
something's wrong with that shit